Handcrafted, Davis-Made Ice Cream and “All Things Sweet”!

Davis Creamery is a family-owned and operated gourmet sweets shop. In addition to our fresh cupcakes and cookies, we continue a 15+ year tradition of handcrafted, Davis-made ice cream and sorbets. Though each flavor is not made every day, each special creation is produced in small batches each week at our store!
All of our 30+ original ice cream recipes start with a premium, locally-produced milk base delivered to our shop weekly. Many of these frozen treats start with unprocessed fruit (try our Banana or Avocado Coconut ice cream or maybe our Raspberry sorbet!) or other natural ingredients (our Horchata ice cream starts with rice steeped overnight with milk, cinnamon and sugar!). Quite a few of our creations even originated from customers ideas. Now twice a year, Davis Creamery kicks-off a tournament called “Bracketology”! Patrons provide a plethora of concepts (including a name and the key ingredients) then we select those we think we are best suited to deliver an amazing creation! Each week we create a head-to-head, customer-voted competition until it delivers the winner! Today, some of our best flavors are Bracketology winners, such as Trifecta (Oreo, Butterfinger and Reese Peanut Butter) or Guava Passion Fruit. Regardless of how they came about, each creation is churned in a high quality fashion and infused with passion for something special!

Our History / Who are we?

The creativity behind and founder of Davis Creamery is long-time resident Dave Robert. A commercial airplane pilot by day and ice cream aficionado by night, Dave and his wife, Stephanie, entered the ice cream business in 2001 in South Davis by opening the area’s first Marble Slab Creamery. A solid foundation in the ice cream business was formed but they desired the freedom and flexibility to do something even more special. The Davis Creamery was born! Dave’s passion, creativity and mission to deliver something out of the norm has provided a premium offering to not only Davis Creamery but also Sugar Daddies and Jake’s Desserts here in Davis as well as the Davis Farmer’s Market.
In the middle of 2016, Dave was seeking more time to enjoy life and his family (Jeremy – 8). Close friends and across-the-street neighbors, Joe and Jen Schmidt, were determined to ensure the legacy lived on while also providing an excellent opportunity for their children to be involved. Both growing up in the houses of entrepreneurs (Joe’s father is a farmer in Iowa; Jen’s father had a successful printing business in the East Bay), they saw the value in providing Makena (16), Carson (10) and Brady (7) with the opportunity to learn, serve and be given responsibility. Consequently, Joe and Jen purchased the Creamery from Dave and Stephanie. Dave is still very much involved in the business but, after so many years of hard work (while maintaining his day-job!), he is now free to spend more time with his lovely family and play golf! Joe and Jen remain committed to delivering our customers “nothing but the best” of “all things sweet” and Dave is there to be 100% sure they don’t go astray!